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Shopatron Reports Growth in Q3

Published October 18, 2010

SAN LUIS OBISPO, CA (BRAIN)—Brands using Shopatron-powered eCommerce posted strong online sales growth for the fourth consecutive quarter in Q3.

Shopatron, the world leader in retail-integrated eCommerce, reports that same-store online sales increased by 18 percent year over year in Q3 across all of its active client brands, according to a press release. This marks the fourth consecutive quarter in which active client stores saw double-digit growth in online sales over the previous year.

Using the Shopatron eCommerce system, manufacturers are able to capture sales on their Web site and pass them to authorized retailers for delivery or in-store pickup. Shopatron currently provides eCommerce solutions to well over 800 brands across 35 industries.

Shopatron attributes Q3 growth to a continued strength in consumer spending, and the move online in industries that haven’t traditionally sold online. Home furnishings and hardware, for example, saw a 92-percent increase in online sales in the third quarter.

“The migration of sales online continues,” said Ed Stevens, founder and CEO of Shopatron. “Our brands in emerging online industries like furniture and hardware are benefiting by involving their retailers in the online sales process. A couch or table saw that might not have traditionally been sold online due to shipping costs or other reasons can now be delivered to the customer through the traditional distribution channel even when the actual purchase occurs online. This puts Shopatron brands at an advantage over their competition in these industries.”

Seasonal industries also did well in Q3, with sporting goods and recreational seeing 39 percent online growth. Despite one of the hottest years on record, the snow sports industry enjoyed a banner quarter in preparation for the winter season with a 102 percent increase in sales.

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