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Specialized Moving Ohio Distribution Center

Published November 28, 2010

GROVEPORT, OH (BRAIN)—After opening just five years ago at its current location in Grove City, Ohio, Specialized Bicycle Components will be moving its Eastern Distribution Center a few miles down the road to a brand new facility in Groveport.

“With the end of the current lease on the horizon, we wanted to use the opportunity to further invest in the operational support of our valued Eastern US dealers,” said corporate distribution manager Kim Peterson.

“After conducting a location optimization review, we determined that the Columbus area continues to be the ideal location for our Eastern states Distribution Center, thanks to factors including transit times, property values and excellent work force," Peterson added.

With almost 50 percent more space than the current facility’s 180,000 square feet, the Groveport location will employ all of the current 70 staff members, and allow for greater potential employment opportunities in the future.

“This new location is a brand new facility that is much larger and will be engineered to increase the efficiency of or order fulfillment operations. It also happens to be located in a free trade zone, which could create potential duty-saving opportunities in the future,” Peterson said.

The move will take place on weekends through the first half of December, ensuring business-as-usual, top quality order fulfillment for Specialized Dealers ordering the company’s entire range of bicycles and equipment.

By creating bicycles and supporting advocacy groups that are trying to change how people think about daily travel, Specialized has always operated with an eye for the environment. This ethic is reflected in the day-to-day operations of the business, and is being incorporated into the Groveport facility through energy-efficient air flow management systems, water conserving restrooms and recycled office furnishings, according to a press release.

The new Specialized Eastern States Distribution Center will be located at 5880 Opus Drive, Groveport, Ohio, 43125.

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