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WTB Has New Australian Distributor

Published January 4, 2011

MILL VALLEY, CA (BRAIN)—WTB (Wilderness Trail Bikes) has a new Australian distributor, Dirt Works.

"We're excited about the opportunity to join forces with such a long established, proven distributor," said Gary Gleason, director of sales and marketing for WTB. "Dirt Works is a progressive company that has the skills to maintain WTB as a leader in the industry. Dirt Works will be a great addition to our test ride and global OEM support program. Expect to see more of WTB's industry leading range of wheels, tires and saddles in Australia. Wayne Chapman, Richard Powell and Chuan Chew have an infectious enthusiasm about cycling so there's no doubt we'll make a great team."

Wayne Chapman, marketing manager at Dirt Works said, "WTB is a brand that has always appealed immensely to Dirt Works. It has genuine links to the founding of our sport. When we were approached by Gary Gleason, we immediately jumped at the chance to work with such a long standing, yet still intensely innovative company. It's rare to have the chance to add a founding father brand to your range and WTB is exactly that. WTB's designs have changed how the modern mountain bike is ridden around the globe; to partner with WTB in Australia is something Dirt Works is both proud and excited about."

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