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Currie’s Gresmer on the Recruiting Road

Published January 26, 2011

WICHITA, KS (BRAIN)—Jack Gresmer is a on a road trip. Arizona, New Mexico, Oklahoma, Kansas, Missouri in his rear view. Illinois, Minnesota and Wisconsin on the near horizon.

Twenty dealers into the trip, Currie Technologies' director of sales hopes this retailer tour that lasts through May will bring more U.S. dealers on board, which has been a slow going process for not only Currie but all e-bike brands trying sway the American consumer.

“Once they get an opportunity to ride the bicycles it changes their whole view of the category,” Gresmer said of these retailers he’s visiting. “I think so many of these guys think e-bikes are toys, and once they actually get to ride the bikes it’s an eye opening experience for them.”

Gresmer’s carrying seven sample bikes with him; he will have hit well over 100 dealers when it’s all said and done. “Primarily I’m going to dealers that don’t have Currie product, trying to recruit these guys, trying to sign them up as new customers,” Gresmer said. “Most of these guys I’m seeing are not in the e-bike category.”

Business seems to be on a slight uptick, Gresmer said. Gresmer thinks gas prices steadily rising and new electric vehicles such as the Chevy Volt and Nissan Leaf are bringing more awareness to electric transportation, including e-bikes.

Gresmer’s blogging about his road exploits (click on above link).

(PHOTO: Bicycle Shoppe in Shawnee, Oklahoma).

—Jason Norman

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