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Armstrong Announces 'Retirement 2.0'

Published February 16, 2011

AUSTIN, TX (BRAIN)—Seven time Tour de France winner Lance Armstrong looks like he's retiring once again, dubbing this one "Retirement 2.0," according to the Associated Press.

"Never say never," Armstrong told the AP on Tuesday about mounting another comeback, but then quickly added, "Just kidding."

Armstrong said he has no regrets about returning even though he failed to capture an eighth Tour de France title. He has also been dogged by persistent talk that performance-enhancing drugs aided his legendary career.

"It's been an excellent ride," Armstrong said about his comeback attempt in 2009, four years after his first retirement. "Then I lined up like everybody else and wound up third. I have no regrets about last year, either (he finished 23rd). The crashes, the problems with the bike—those were things that were beyond my control."

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