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Bay Area Retail Legend Awaits a New Heart

Published March 28, 2011

SANTA CLARA, CA (BRAIN)—Terry Shaw, owner of Shaw’s Lightweight Cycles in Santa Clara, California, is awaiting a heart transplant at Stanford Hospital.

Shaw, who has been in business for nearly 30 years in the Bay Area, is considered a legend among most everyone he's come across.

Shaw has the spent the last 30 years pioneering bicycle technology, teaching at the Santa Clara Velodrome and supporting and mentoring track riders in the cycling community, especially youth as a means to build their self-esteem and jump start the development of lifelong habits to get physically fit and active, according to Specialized's Mike Sinyard.

"He was always one of my best advisors and critics," Sinyard said. "I could always count on his sharp, honest perspective. Terry would forgo a sale if he didn’t think it was right, he cared more about the experience and integrity than the business. Terry schooled many of us on the way things should be done well in the shop and on the bike he is a legend in the Bay Area.

"We hope and pray for the new heart and strong recovery," Sinyard added.

For more on Shaw, click on above link for San Jose Mercury column.

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