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Richard Cunningham Joins

Published April 10, 2011

VANCOUVER, British Columbia (BRAIN)—Veteran cycling journalist Richard Cunningham has joined's editorial staff.

"RC" as he's known to many will help spearhead Pinkbike's campaign to restructure the website’s massive visual and editorial presence into the industry's go-to media source for all things mountain bike.

"Cunningham's initial role will be to sink his technical and historical perspective into Pinkbike’s editorial," said Pinkbike publisher Julian Coffey. “PB riders kill it on everything from local and world-class DH tracks, sick big mountain lines, North Shore skinnies, bike park slaying, DJ and street to the most epic trail sorties imaginable. We listen very closely to our community and there is a unanimous cry for more and more tech focused content."

"Over the past few years, I was sourcing much of my key information online. I realized, why am I reading the news when I should be helping create it?” Cunningham said. "I have always liked Pinkbike because it is so raw—such urgent enthusiasm for anything remotely related to mountain bikes. I left MBA because I wanted to be with people who were making something happen. I felt that the magazine was losing contact with riders and the soul of the sport. Pinkbike is a huge melting pot of ideas and opinions, and already it feels like home. It’s a bit scary for an ex-print editor to be in direct contact with over 1.5 million users, but it's the good kind of scary."

Cunningham literally grew up with the sport of mountain biking—a pioneer bike builder and designer, he founded Mantis Bicycle Co. in the early '80s, and was instrumental in bringing the dual-suspension trail bike into reality.

He was inducted into the MTB Hall of Fame in 1995 for technical achievement. He then made the transition into journalism, taking the helm as editor of Mountain Bike Action Magazine where his technical insight helped foster innovations that poured into the market during the industry's most prolific period of invention.

Cunningham is based in Southern California. When he’s not writing, riding and testing, he can be found on his SoCal ranch. He is often seen flying his 1027 WWI Fokker Eindecker replica, a machine hand built by the man himself.

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