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ASI Hires Parke as NorCal Sales Rep

Published September 7, 2011

PHILADELPHIA, PA (BRAIN)—Advanced Sports International (ASI) has hired Steve Parke as its new Northern California sales representative.

An established industry veteran, Parke worked for Ritchey components for 12 years prior to joining ASI last year as its director of sales, where he helped establish the company’s forecasting system, as well as took on numerous other sales and marketing responsibilities. In his new role as territory manager for NorCal, Parke will oversee IBD sales in the region.

“I am very happy to be able to continue working with the great people at ASI,” Parke said. “My wife and I made the decision to move back to our home in Redwood City to handle some family issues. It was a hard decision to make because I felt I was making progress implementing new systems and programs for ASI in Philadelphia. Now, I am back and confident that I can help ASI grow its business in my home territory.”

Parke will be key in further developing the territory, where ASI’s “California-born” brands—Breezer, SE, and Kestrel—have already gained good traction. He will be working to expand sales of these, as well as ASI’s flagship brand, Fuji.

“We are very happy that Steve can continue to work for ASI,” said Pat Cunnane, president of ASI. “He brought a wealth of knowledge and experience to our growing business and helped get some needed sales processes in place that will help him in his new role as territory manager.”

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