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Echos Communications Signs on Dual Eyewear

Published September 7, 2011

SAUSALITO, CA (BRAIN)—Echos Communications has signed on Dual Eyewear for marketing representation.

"We are excited to represent Dual Eyewear. Their product mix speaks to an audience that otherwise had limited choices when it came to both fashion and function in the eyewear category," said Echos founder Rob Reedy. "The trend is that our society isn't slowing down and is staying active. Dual Eyewear not only fulfills a need, they do it in style."

Dual Eyewear, launched earlier this year by industry veteran Louis Viggio, is for those cyclists and outdoor enthusiasts who struggle to see the ever-decreasing size of numbers and data on cycling computers, mobile phones and GPS devices.

Viggio said this lens (magnifier) technology has actually been around for quite some time, but that it has never been applied to cycling or any sport application. Dual Eyewear’s three models—the Dual V6, Dual S4 and Dual SL2—feature lenses with a discrete magnifying optical power area, where data becomes that much easier to read. All three sell for $49.95.

Momentum has been building steadily for Dual, as several Boulder, Colorado dealers have been carrying the line since spring, and Quality Bicycle Products picked up the line in June.

“Boulder’s a very tough market,” Viggio said. “If it can make it in Boulder, it can make it anywhere.”

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