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Saris Issues Dealer Tech Advisory

Published June 9, 2009

MADISON, WI (BRAIN)—Saris Cycling Group has identified that a limited number of Bike Beams have been released to the market that don't close properly as the detent button doesn't engage.

These units can easily be verified in the field for proper function and closure. Units that don't close properly should be returned to Saris for replacement

In order to verify if units in your inventory are performing correctly please perform the following test:

1. Remove the bike beam box from the box.
2. Open the large side clamp.
3. Touching the movable side claw only, close the clamp.
4. Try to pull the claws apart without depressing the detent release button. It should be locked.

If the unit passed the test, repack into box and tape box closed. Dealers who identify that they have units in their inventory that don't close properly should contact Saris customer service to have a return authorization and call tag issued.

Saris is now performing 100 percent quality control on all parts at its facility for this issue. Future parts that have passed QC will be marked with an orange marking on the upper left hand corner of the box.

Click on link to get more information on this advisory.

If you have questions regarding this technical advisory please contact Saris customer service at (800) 783-7257 or

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