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April 13, 2016
Robbie Kellman Baxter wants you to eliminate your customers and replace them with members. And she's written a book to tell you why you should do it, and how.
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January 7, 2016
In Part Three, we'll talk about what we might do about to deal with the stigmatization of bicycles, and the industry-wide loss of revenue.
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November 12, 2015
This time, we're going to look at how the ghosts of dead cyclists directly — or not so directly — haunt the bike business.
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November 4, 2015
There is nothing the media likes better than a dead cyclist. Unless it’s a dead cyclist who was not wearing a helmet.
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June 17, 2013
You know how when you get back from a long bike ride and get cleaned up and slip into your flip-flops, your feet just feel so darned ... good?
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October 10, 2012

Here’s an interesting question, especially coming so close to that national monument to the benefits of ruthless colonialism known as Columbus Day.

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August 21, 2012
How the "model year" concept creates more problems than it solves...
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August 14, 2012
Changes to production and supply channels have rendered model years obsolete.
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July 20, 2012
It all comes down to Money, Risk, and Chinese New Year
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July 3, 2012
How do you get rich marketing to a non-enthusiast customer base?
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