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Indoor bike park in Ontario expands

Published August 14, 2012

MARKHAM, Ontario (BRAIN) Tuesday August 14 2012 10:26 AM PST—Joyride150 Indoor Bike Park is expanding to more than 102,500 square feet this month, up from its original 90,000-square-foot size. The new space is street-inspired and will include ledges, boxes and banks as well as a mini ramp.

Together with an outdoor dirt-jump section that opened in the spring, Joyride150 now boasts more than 117,000 square feet of trails.

Joyride150, an all-season, multi-discipline park, has served more than 100,000 riders since it first opened in December 2009. The park is home to JoyrideFIT Spin Studio. It also rents bikes, helmets and pads and hosts private parties and special events including skills workshops, day camps, private instruction, races and demo days.

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