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Bike Co-op recommends insurance agencies

Published December 6, 2012

MANCHESTER, NH (BRAIN) — The Bike Cooperative, a member owned co-op, has published a list of insurance agencies its members have recommended to other members.

"Current legislation prevents co-op members from buying insurance as one true group. So while we've had insurance offerings in the past, we couldn't always improve the value, depending on which state a member's store was in," said co-op president Greg Brodsky.

"We know that members are always evaluating the ratio of coverage to cost, so now they will better be able to evaluate agencies using the collective wisdom of our retailers and by referring to the list of the most highly recommended agencies. We brought the initial list to our advisory council, and we will add or remove agencies through feedback from our annual member survey."

The Bike Cooperative is a member-owned cooperative with a mission of improving the profitability of independent bike retailers. The Bike Cooperative provides members with exclusive product specials and rebates, consumer financing and credit card processing programs, comprehensive advertising services, and training in management and sales.

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