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Kinetic inRide System

Published November 30, 2012
Kinetic inRide kit

MINNEAPOLIS, MN (BRAIN) — The Kinetic inRide system wireless combines an iPhone app with any Kinetic stationary trainer, providing wattage, speed and cadence data.

The system relies on the Bluetooth Smart wireless protocol, which is built in to the iPhone 5 and third generation iPads. The system includes a wireless heartrate monitor strap and a powerand speed sensor pod designed to work with any fluid-resistance trainer in Kinetic's line.

Data from the app can be uploaded to social media or coaching sites or it can be emailed to a coach. App features include: time in-zone for both heart rate and watts, programmable rider data for training zones and calorie burn, TSS, nPower, iFactor and Mean Maximal Power in 5 increments. 

The inRide kit, which includes a heart rate monitor and power sensor, retails for $229; the app is available for free on iTunes.


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