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Finish Line's No Drip Chain Luber

Published December 16, 2013

HAUPPAUGE, NY (BRAIN) — Finish Line's new No Drip Chain Luber makes lubing a chain easier and cleaner. 

“The question every bike shop employee gets when talking about chain lube is, ‘What’s the recommended or best way to apply lube?’" said Hank Krause, president of Finish Line. “With the No Drip Chain Luber, there is now a simple answer to that question. It’s a product that makes it easy for cyclists of all abilities — recreational to professional — to keep their bikes properly lubricated and running smoothly.”

The No Drip Chain Luber can be filled with the lubricant of the rider's choice. To use, while back-pedaling, place the applicator head on the chain and squeeze the bottle. A wicking pad in the applicator head will ensure that every link is evenly coated.

The Luber comes with two replacement wicking pads and a travel cap. MSRP is: $8.99

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