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Topolino offers new road thru-axle design

Published December 26, 2013

BETHEL, CT (BRAIN) — Topolino Technology has introduced a new thru-axle road hub design that the company said is lighter and stiffer, and allows faster wheel changes than comparable hub and skewer systems. The system is called SPEEDrelease, and includes Topolino’s patented quick release axle system. Topolino is also offering license agreements to hub makers and OEMs.

The hub weighs only 140 gram, including an optional dropout adapter. However, the company said the oversized axle shaft has more than twice the bending stiffness of a standard 5mm skewer.

“Our SPEEDrelease functions like an oversized thru-axle, creating an exceptionally solid wheel connection,” said Topolino founder Rafe Schlanger. Topolino plans to release an even lighter titanium version soon.

A simple dropout adapter allows the system to work with standard dropouts. Alternatively, an integrated dropout may be used, which includes internal threads and eliminates the need for the adapter. In either case, the axle shaft remains with the hub, so there are no separate parts to keep track of, and a spring-loaded snap feature allows for one-handed operation. The wheel is simply and intuitively locked in with one quick action. Unlike a standard quick-release, there is no adjustment or lengthy explanation required.

“The SPEEDrelease system is truly “quick” and easy, even with the retention tabs on the dropout," said Schlanger.

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