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On 25th anniversary, Paul Components revises its first product, a quick release skewer

Published July 28, 2014

CHICO, Calif. (BRAIN) — Paul Components is celebrating its 25th anniversary by revising its very first product, a quick release skewer.

At the company's launch, Paul was competing with the then-very popular Ringle skewers. To compete then Paul went with a traditional internal cam design. "We still feel that is the way to go but this time we gave it a high-strength aluminum head and cut away metal on the cap where it wasn't needed. The rods are stainless steel for the rigidity of that material. The nuts feature a friction devise to keep them set," the company said.

The new QR's are available in black or silver, each with an orange skewer head. MSRP is $50 per wheel, and they available in lengths from 100 to 190mm. Weights are 50 to 74 grams per wheel.

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