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Photo of the Day

Published March 21, 2008

Everyone at BRAIN was startled last Monday morning to find something more shocking than publisher Marc Sani in Lycra—a brand new coffee machine in BRAIN's lunch room/intern area/war room.

The coffee machine to the right in the picture (in case your bifocals were betraying you) had weathered many a storm, and could probably tell a tall tale if coffee machines could talk.

More mysterious than the new coffee machine, however (which rumor has it was a misguided purchase by the publisher for his lovely lady), is the fact that Old Yeller is still hanging around. When asked about all of this, Sani responded, "No Comment."

We hope Sani's next erroneous purchase is a toaster.


"Oh how wonderful it is to see someone else is fighting the same fight we do at Tifosi HQ. Our old coffee maker sat next to the current (I shy from the word ‘new’) coffee maker for a solid year before anyone moved it. And when it finally got moved, it was only under the sink to where it now rests in what I call the ‘appliance graveyard’ where we have an espresso maker, two coffee grinders and a telephone from 1992." —Shannon Haslem, Tifosi Optics

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