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The 5th Spot

Published April 3, 2008

"Your bail should not be more than three times your bar tab." —Mutt Lynch's (food and drink establishment) billboard near the Newport Beach Pier.

—Thank you for all the positive e-mail feedback regarding yesterday's The 5th Spot.

—Also, a belated thank you to WTB (Dain Z and Jason M) and Ritchey (Rosy C) for stopping by BRAIN world headquarters last Friday. (By the way, Jason, let us know how your San Juan epic adventure went with the local RADS.)

—Dain just reported back to me on how everything went last weekend:

"Jason (Moeschler) followed through and did the mega epic ride with RADS and BGRS on Saturday. I think he woke up at 4:30 a.m. to meet those dudes for a breakfast and the pre-ride meeting. He was surprised by the abundance of both serious race-day attitudes as well as smoke (cigarettes and otherwise). He mentioned the ride taking 7.5 hours, he spoke of high speed bail-outs into the bushes, he mentioned that his Hayes Stroker brakes heated up for the first time, and more than anything else, he talked about all the hiking involved.

While Jason did the adventure ride I went out to the Fontana dustbowl and raced DH. I managed a 4th in Expert class, which I'm satisfied with. The course was super rough. A lot of people really hurt themselves out there. You can see a short, Quicktime video clip on our site from the DH course ( My girlfriend Jackie injured her hand and was unable to race, but she should be going strong by Sea Otter.

Jason did make it back out to Fontana for the pro Super D. The adventure ride seemed to take some of the pep out of Jason's step. He placed 8th in the pro Super D. I was feeling fine, though. Took it straight to the bank and beat a couple of guys that I sponsor through WTB's grassroots program. Kind of like a demo on tire selection."

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