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Giant's Lo: Execs Must Exude Bike Passion

Published May 2, 2008

TAIPEI, Taiwan (BRAIN)—Giant's president, Tony Lo, told a packed press conference yesterday that now is the time for bicycle industry executives to develop a true passion for cycling.

"It's not enough to engineer good products," he said. "We need to put our heart, our life and our passion into cycling to take it to the next level."

Lo, who is also chairman of Taiwan's A-Team, will lead the owners and managers of 32 major Taiwan companies on an 11-day tour, circumnavigating the island of Taiwan. The tour begins Sunday with a meeting at Taiwan's version of the White House with the nation's newly elected president, MaYing-Jeou. He was named this week as one of the world's most influential leaders by Time Magazine.

The A-Team, founded six years ago, has focused on improving the quality of Taiwan-made bicycle frames and components and to rejuvenate the island's bicycle manufacturing sector.

"We have completed the first level of our goal," Lo said, noting that exports of Taiwanese products has risen over the last few years.

"We now need to focus on the next step. We need to encourage everyone to ride, to test their own products and to enjoy the full experience of cycling," Lo said. Lo, 61, said he would occasionally ride Giant's bikes, but he now has developed a passion for cycling.

"In Asia, they say at age 60 you have completed one full cycle of life and that after age 60 you are reborn. You now have an opportunity to show your gratitude for having a good life and a good business. It is a time to say thank you," he said. "Cycling around Taiwan is that opportunity to say thank you."

Besides the A-Team, others on the ride include the chairman of Toyota's manufacturing center in Taiwan, several Taiwanese government officials, press, as well as Specialized's Bob Margevicius.

—Marc Sani

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