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Industry Leaders to Host Obama Fundraiser

Published June 5, 2008

CHICAGO, IL (BRAIN)—SRAM’s F.K. Day is sponsoring a fundraiser for Barack Obama, the Democratic nominee for President, at his Chicago home next Thursday.

Stan Day, SRAM’s president and chief executive officer, said the event’s goal is to introduce Obama to industry leaders and to discuss cycling’s positive impact on health, energy policy, transportation issues and the environment.

“Essentially, it’s the same agenda that we’ve discussed at the Bike Summit in Washington,” he said. The event is limited to 100 attendees who will pay $2,300 each to spend the evening with Obama. “In fact, we need to raise $230,000,” Day said.

Company leaders from Trek, Specialized, Saris, Raleigh, Bicycling Magazine, Fuji and others already have signed up for the opportunity to discuss the industry’s agenda with the presidential nominee.

“We want to let him know that we have an industry that can support legislative efforts that benefit the country. And this event helps create a doorway to his staff in the future, if he were elected,” Day said.

Noting the divisive nature of politics today, Day said this is about cycling—not the war, foreign policy or the economy. “It’s really an opportunity to talk about bikes with Barack,” he added.

Anyone interested in attending or donating can send an email directly to F.K. at for more information.

—Marc Sani

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