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LiveStrong Summit Opens with Punch (Lines)

Published July 24, 2008

COLUMBUS, OH (BRAIN)—The LiveStrong Summit kicked off on Thursday on The Ohio State University campus, bringing together 1,000 current and potential leaders who care about cancer issues and are willing to champion the cause in their communities.

The opening day offered up some lighter moments, too, especially when host Lance Armstrong asked presidential hopeful John McCain about his exercise habits.

"I hike, I swim, I do light exercises," McCain said. "I mainly enjoy hiking, so you can enjoy the outdoors."

McCain also added that "you don't eat much cause you are usually talking while others are eating."

McCain then put the ball back in Armstrong's court.

"You could probably run [for President]."

The crowd cheered.

"Well, maybe we'd start with governor first," Armstrong said, laughing.

Barack Obama was also invited to the summit, but declined because of his overseas trip.

McCain couldn't help himself on this topic as well.

"Tomorrow his tour takes him to France," McCain said. "In a scene Lance would recognize, a throng of adoring fans awaits Senator Obama in Paris—and that’s just the American press.”

The inaugural LiveStrong Summit took place last October in Austin, Texas. This year's summit concludes on Sunday.

—Jason Norman

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