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Stew Barnett Leaves Iron Horse Bicycles

Published September 12, 2008

HOLBROOK, NY (BRAIN)—Stew Barnett has left World Wide Cycle Supply after spending nearly 30 years with the company.

Barnett’s final day was last Thursday, said Cliff Weidberg, chief executive officer of World Wide Cycle Supply, which owns Iron Horse Bicycles.

Barnett, who at one time co-owned World Wide with Weidberg, started with the company in 1980 and was working in sales at the time of his departure.

Weidberg declined to discuss the reasons for Barnett’s split with the company, saying he would give more details in a forthcoming press release.

Barnett spoke briefly about his departure from World Wide, saying “it was a great run for all these years and I love the bike business. There are no disappointments on my end.”

Weidberg said that the sales team would fill Barnett’s role and that business would continue as usual. He said the company is moving forward in a new direction focused on taking better care of its customers, and that he would elaborate on the plan in the press release.

Weidberg dispelled rumors that Iron Horse is filing bankruptcy, saying that many people have confused his company with American Iron Horse, a motorcycle supplier that went bankrupt back in March.

The two companies are not, and have never been, affiliated and Iron Horse is not going bankrupt, he said.

“We’ve heard those rumors. There’s no basis whatsoever for them,” Weidberg said.

—Nicole Formosa

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