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Biciclass Forms Specialized Mexico

Published October 23, 2008

MORGAN HILL, CA (BRAIN)—Known as one of Specialized’s best distributors, Mexico’s Biciclass recently partnered with Specialized Bicycles to establish an official Specialized subsidiary in Aguascalientes, Mexico.

The new company, Specialized Mexico, retains all employees of Biciclass, including general manager Abel Robles, who has helped make Biciclass a leading distributor since 2000.

Robles and his team have earned a solid reputation for cultivating a strong dealer network and working with those dealers to help them develop their business. Keeping such a winning team together, united by the Specialized brand, will better serve Mexico’s dealers and usher in a successful new era for Specialized in Mexico.

“Throughout the years, Abel and his team have been able to establish a solid base of dealers in Mexico, and that sort of ingenuity and expertise will make our mutual business and consumer base better and stronger. Together, we will work very hard to ensure our dealers enjoy success with our brand in Mexico,” said Specialized distribution manager Diego Vintimilla.

With the new business model already in operation, Specialized Mexico is looking forward to strengthening its relationships with dealers, fostering success and working together for a common goal.

“For the team at Biciclass, it wasn't difficult to find common ground in Specialized’s philosophy and mission of being the brand of choice for discerning customers and full service dealers. Now, with Specialized Mexico, we will strengthen our dealers by providing the necessary products, services and quality to be successful, and together, we can build the brand even further. We will work hard to be the best bicycle brand in Mexico and in the world,” Robles said.

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