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Panaracer, Gracia Partnering Up

Published December 9, 2008

HAYWARD, CA (BRAIN)—Panaracer and racer Cedric Gracia have signed a multi-year contract to develop and market a line of Cedric Gracia branded tires to be sold starting in 2010.

“Panaracer has long been known as a market leader in the mountain bike market and joining forces with Cedric will help take us to the next level," said Jeff Zell, Panaracer head of global marketing. "Cedric is a world champion and brings years of riding experience in all phases of the sport that is invaluable to us. Combine that with our worldwide R&D team and the results should be spectacular. Needless to say, we’re thrilled to be involved with a rider and person of Cedric’s caliber.”

“I’ve learned a lot about tires after riding all these years on all kinds of terrain," Garcia said. "When Panaracer approached me to make my own line of tires I knew this was my opportunity show what I’ve mastered over the years. I won my second MTB ever on Panaracer and I’m looking forward to getting back on the podium with Panaracer again. You’ll get the coolest and most competitive tires ever from me."

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