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BRAIN Launches Staff-Written Blog

Published February 3, 2009

LAGUNA HILLS, CA (BRAIN)—Bicycle Retailer and Industry News is expanding its online presence with the BRAIN Blog.

The BRAIN staff will collaborate to update the blog regularly with unique and diverse content. The blog will build on the successful BRAIN Web site by providing news analysis, industry insight and unused interview excerpts. It also will provide a venue for lighthearted musings, lively rants and witty commentary to add color to a daily digest of online industry news.

“The BRAIN Blog offers a more varied medium where we can stretch ourselves beyond our current news repertoire,” said Megan Tompkins, the magazine’s editor. “It gives our editors more creative leeway to take our reporting and writing in bold new directions and allows us to experiment with an array of multimedia tools.”

The blog allows staff writers to add text links, multiple photos, web video and podcasts to a single post, providing more visual representation of products, people and events.

Readers can share their comments on blog posts, creating a forum for interactive discussion on current events affecting the industry.

The blog also offers web advertisers another targeted means to reach readers with tailored ads placed strategically alongside blog coverage of key industry events such as Sea Otter and Interbike.

“It adds to our depth of coverage, allowing us to provide even more potential return on an advertiser’s investment,” said Robert Torrico, associate publisher sales and Southern California sales rep. “It's another arrow in our quiver.”

Check out the BRAIN Blog at (click on link). You can also access the blog by clicking on the banner link on the right hand side of the front page, just above the weekly survey.

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