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Pedro's Completes Product Info Overhaul

Published February 13, 2009

WILMINGTON, MA (BRAIN)—Pedro's has completed a year-long product information overhaul surrounding the popular bike care range, including a complete update of the global Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS) and a redress of the product packaging and labeling.

The effort also addressed compliance with the European Union's REACH program, which tracks the import and movement of all chemical compounds and components from a safety perspective, and an update on the Green Dot global recycling initiative. Most visibly, the information overhaul updated the usage and safety panels on all bottles and introduces new, universal usage icons for consumers.

"We've just begun to ship many of the products with the new labels and simultaneously launched a communication campaign for both the retailer and consumers to make them aware of our new usage icons. That's the part the retailers will like best as it will help them guide riders to the right product. The rest is very important, but kind of boring and behind the scenes. It means we may be the most compliant lube company out there. Our stuff is safe to use and it says so," said Christopher Zigmont, chief executive officer at Pedro's.

"That was a ton of work. The project took longer than anticipated, but it was a crucial effort to stay compliant in all of the countries we serve. We've also expanded our language offer so more riders around the globe will understand what to use and where we are coming from," said Matt Bracken, product manager at Pedro's.

Retailers can obtain in-store graphics of the new iconography in both adhesive "shelf talkers" and magnetic panels for Pedro's recyclable steel, bike care display. Look for Pedro's new labels and packaging to be at retail in the coming weeks.

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