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California Considers Internet Sales Tax

Published April 9, 2009

SANTA ANA, CA (BRAIN)—For some time the National Bicycle Dealers Association has promoted its support of fair trade in business taxation, whether it be via physical store or Internet, and has aligned itself with organizations like the e-fairness coalition.

Now, California's Revenue and Taxation Committee will hear about AB 178, an act to amend Section 6203 of the Revenue and Taxation Code in alignment with these same ideals of collecting sales tax equally.

In California alone, some $50 million in annual tax revenue is never collected due to out-of-state internet retailers who are not required to collect, and therefore not required to return state sales tax.

To support this effort, the office of Assemblymember Nancy Skinner requests California bicycle retailers to write their state representatives. A sample letter and details on ACT AB 178 can be downloaded if you click on link.

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