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The 5th Spot

Published May 14, 2009

A group of Shimano employees tackle Bike to Work day together. From left, Kelly Brebner, of the fishing division, Steve Ferrara, of the supply chain division, Jonas Calicdan, friend of Shimano, Dave Pfeiffer, president, Sharon McGuire, of the bike division, Dave Lawrence, bike division, and Matt Chirpka, fishing division, gather for a group shot near Aliso Wood Canyon park in Aliso Viejo.

When they arrived at the office in Irvine, employees sated themselves with fruit, yogurt, bagels and juice provided by Shimano. For lunch they had a baked potato bar with all the fixings.

"It was actually pretty good," Lawrence said.

A big shout out to Kelly Brebner and Matt Chirpka, who commuted in by bike for the first time on Thursday. Another pat on the back goes to one Shimano worker who pedaled 52 miles (one way!) to the office.

For more pictures from Bike to Work day and details on how some other industry companies celebrated the day, click on the link to the BRAIN blog.

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