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Masi Teaming Up with Chrome Bags

Published May 21, 2009

VISTA, CA (BRAIN)—Masi Bicycles has partnered with Chrome Bags to support the Chrome Velo City Tour Goldsprints, or “Chromesprints,” as they may grow to be known this summer.

“When the opportunity to work with Chrome was presented to us, we immediately jumped," said Masi brand manager Tim Jackson. “Chrome is indisputably one of the most iconic brands in the entire urban cycling world.”

Masi has become a staple of the urban cycling scene over the past few years and this new relationship with Chrome is a perfect marriage of like-minded brands.

“Chrome came to us for the bikes because they’re fans of the products we make and we said yes because we are fans of the products they make," Jackson said. "It just makes so much sense on so many levels.”

Masi has provided Chrome with three of its very popular Speciale Fixed LTD bicycles to be used in the Goldsprints roller races that will take place in several cities including the Tour party in San Francisco on June 26. When the bikes and Goldsprints set up is not on the road, it will be proudly on display in the Chrome retail store in San Francisco.

The famous Chrome black van will be transporting the Goldsprint set-up from location to location. Check both the Chrome Bike Bulletin blog ( and the Masi Bicycles website ( for tour information and details. In-depth details on the entire Velo City Tour can also be found at the Cyclehawk website (

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