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Electric Bike Maker eZee Hitting U.S.

Published July 16, 2009

RANCHO PALOS VERDES, CA (BRAIN)—Electric bike maker eZee will now make a stronger push in the United States, with its own subsidiary and two new Southern California “flagship” stores launching in September.

“This is the best opportunity I have ever seen in my years as a seasoned serial entrepreneur,” said Joel Gayner, president and chief executive officer of eZeebike USA, discussing the U.S. market. “Timing is everything and this is the perfect product at the perfect time.”

Currently, eZee sells its bikes through a handful of individually owned shops in six different states that specialize in electric transport. Gayner said he wants to “maximize U.S. sales and distribution of the brand” through the support of a nationwide network of dealers. Its flagship stores will be located in El Segundo and Rancho Mirage.

Ezee electric bikes were launched in 2001, with now more than 35 independent retail locations in various countries including the UK, Australia, New Zealand and South Africa. Ezee bikes are produced in Shanghai, China.

“There are four principal founders of the company (eZeebike USA) of which I am one,” Gayner said. “I don’t have prior experience in the bicycle industry per se, other than being a recreational bicycle rider and collector of vintage motorcycles.”

But that doesn’t mean Gayner doesn’t know how to run a successful business. Gayner has founded, created and successfully managed two public companies from startup through IPO, and has been the president of a third public company founded by others.

“I’ve been involved in all phases of the legal, financial, regulatory and institutional requirements of taking a company through the required steps necessary to create shareholder value,” Gayner said.

When asked about the electric bike competition in the United States, Gayner said he doesn’t feel like there’s anything that compares to the “Rolls Royce” of electric bicycles. “One only needs to drive one to recognize that,” Gayner added.

There are currently six models in the eZee product line with retail prices ranging from $1,995 - $2,695. The eZee line-up features different options including “beach” cruisers, performance bikes, an electric tricycle and a compact “foldable” model for easy “in-trunk” transfer. All units feature lithium polymer batteries with components from Shimano, Weinmann and Schwalbe.

The company will be showing product at this year’s Interbike.


—Jason Norman

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