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East Coast Cycle Selling Mountain Cycle

Published August 27, 2009

LONG ISLAND, NY (BRAIN)—East Coast Cycle Supply has partnered with Mountain Cycle to sell its high-end mountain bike frames to IBDs in the U.S. and Canada.

“Mountain Cycle is an iconic brand,” said Jeff Bruno, president of East Coast Cycle Supply. “Our sales team has all the passion and drive to sell Mountain Cycle’s well constructed and engineered frames. Mountain Cycle’s high-end product is the perfect addition to the East Coast Cycle Supply family.”

Currently Mountain Cycle offers four frame sets: the Shockwave, Battery, Rumble and Fury, each built with the durable monocoque swing arm or reinforcement technology. The designs target the downhill, slope style, all mountain and trail riding disciplines.

Over the last 20 years, the Mountain Cycle brand has developed an established international customer base, and East Coast plans to build on that success in North America.

“We have the resources and contacts to contribute to Mountain Cycle global success,” Bruno said.

“We are very pleased to be working with East Coast Cycle Supply,” said Krien Dawson, chief operating officer of Mountain Cycle. “We feel they encompass the knowledge and expertise needed to grow the Mountain Cycle brand. Mountain Cycle product is quality driven and our customers will receive all the attention to detail required for each sale and we believe East Coast Cycle Supply will continue to market our products in the same fashion.”

Mountain Cycle started in 1988, and is headquartered in France. It also has a manufacturing office in Taiwan, a design office in Australia and a sales office in Southern California.

East Coast Cycle Supply was formed by a group of former Iron Horse employees earlier this year. It holds license agreements to manufacture bikes for K2, Columbia and the Realm.

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