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Hippie-Tech Suspension Adds Fox Forks

Published November 10, 2009

GARDEN CITY, ID (BRAIN)—Hippie-Tech now offers full factory-authorized Fox fork service to its offerings to retailers, after a six-year absence.

“Shops have been beating me up on this ever since dropping Fox years ago. Fox forks are now a huge part of the market and now that we have access to all of Fox’s fork parts and tooling we are set to go,” said Jerry Jerry Vanderpool, Hippie-Tech’s owner.

Vanderpool says the company is up to speed on all the new 2010 products as well as older Fox fork models and has a full stock of service parts.

“Years ago Fox wouldn’t sell all the small parts, so we would be half-way into a fork rebuild and find we needed to rebuild a cartridge, but we couldn’t do it we would have to send it into Fox. That made it hard to turn our rebuilds around quickly so I dropped Fox service,” Vanderpool added.

For now the company is not offering service for Fox shocks, but Vanderpool hopes to add those in the near future. Hippie-Tech also provides full service for Manitou, Marzocchi, RockShox, Specialized and X-Fusion.

—Matt Wiebe

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