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Frameforum Launching Handmade Site

Published November 11, 2009

LAGUNA HILLS, CA (BRAIN)—The founder of the leading custom framebuilding resource "Frameforum" ( has launched a new Web site focusing on the custom and handmade bike sectors of the industry, which has seen something of a revival over the past few years.

The site, Handmade Bikes ( (click on link), will focus not only on bikes, but components, accessories, bike events and shows and bike heritage. Where Frameforum focused on the work of the framebuilding scene, Handmade Bikes will widen its view to include complete bikes from the new wave of "micro-brands" springing up in the last five years.

The site will feature bikes from cutting-edge bike brands such as Museeuw Bikes in Belgium, Rafael in Germany and Sabbath Cycles of the UK. At the other end of the spectrum, its "Heritage" section will feature classic bikes; trend-setting in their day, but now collectors items.

Clothing will be featured, but the focus will be on functional, tailored, everyday bike-wear rather than the 'stretch-to-fit' race-wear sector. Like the bikes featured, clothing will come from labels perhaps less well known than the global brands, but nevertheless with plenty to offer in terms of functionality and style.

There will be coverage of components and accessories, too, featuring items often overlooked by the mainstream bike press and media, but worthy of an appreciative audience.

Handmade Bikes will also cover the annual round of bike shows; everything from Eurobike to the new European Handmade Bike Expo, where framebuilders and bike brands from around the world will gather to show their work and discuss the handmade bike scene.

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