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Industry Vet to Lead Funn’s Sales for 2010

Published November 25, 2009

MARICOPA, AZ (BRAIN)—Starting in 2010, industry veteran Rich Vitiello will be in charge of all OEM and aftermarket sales worldwide for Funn MTB products.

“In the past few years Funn products have always had a contract with Muchachos Global Corp. for assistance with sales,” said Vitiello, who has worked for the likes of Mongoose, Huffy and Iron Horse. “We are announcing that once the 2009 contract expires, the Funndation Co. will be taking over 100 percent of the all responsibilities.”

According to Vitiello, Funndation Co. will continue licensing Funn to Lynn Miles for his brakes. Miles’ company Elk Performance will continue selling Funn brakes to all worldwide markets. “It is the one and only item that Funn MTB will not be involved with,” Vitiello said.

“Most come to believe that Muchachos Global Corp. maintain ownership over Funn MTB products,” Vitiello said. “They maintain no ownership and the only involvement they have is as our sales agent until the end of 2009. Both companies are different and are not related.”

In 2006, according to Vitiello, Funn MTB established its own factory so that it could maintain product quality and security as well as become more involved with production while at the same time starting the Funndation Co.

Funn MTB specializes in MTB, DH, freeride and BMX categories with its handlebars, stems, wheelsets, saddles, seatposts and grips.

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