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Wallenfels Lays Out Plans for Timbuk2

Published January 21, 2010

SALT LAKE CITY, UT (BRAIN)—Two months into his new job as chief executive officer of Timbuk2, Mike Wallenfels has laid out priorities to help spur growth at the San Francisco bag manufacturer including reconnecting with existing bike and outdoor retailers.

“The challenges that Timbuk2 has is we have not paid attention as a brand over the most recent years to our wholesale relationships between our retailers,” Wallenfels said, speaking Thursday from Timbuk2’s booth at the Outdoor Retailer Winter Market in Salt Lake City. “Whether it’s a key bike retailer in San Francisco or a bike retailer in New York City or wherever we have to make sure we’re working with them and we’re working to promote the brand, promote the activities, promote our relevance within the bike industry and the products that we’re making so we’re something their employees are going to like.”

To do that, Timbuk2 plans to roll out merchandising programs, hang tags and new in-store promotions. It’s also partnering with 3point5 on an online training program for retailers and pushing pro deals.

“Those are two things that Timbuk2 hasn’t done to try to connect with that sales person who really makes it all happen and if we can get as many bags on sales people we would love that because they can be our first advocates and ambassadors within whatever cities they’re in,” said Wallenfels, who co-founded Mountain Hardwear in 1993, and left last November to assume the lead role at Timbuk2.

Timbuk2 is also committed to supporting the bike industry through advocacy and participation in tradeshows, starting this year with the Sea Otter Classic where the bag brand will exhibit for the first time.

New products like panniers, saddle bags and bike tool envelopes, also reflect Timbuk2’s renewed commitment to the bike industry.

Timbuk2’s heritage is rooted in the bike industry due to its popular bike messenger bags, but the brand also makes products specific to the consumer electronic and luggage industries.

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—Nicole Formosa

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