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QBP Releases its 2010 Catalog

Published February 9, 2010

BLOOMINGTON, MN (BRAIN)—The QBP catalog reached the doors of 5,000 independent bicycle retailers over the past few weeks, highlighting 30,000 SKUs from more than 400 vendors.

More than a simple list of part numbers and prices, the two-volume, 1,600-page catalog serves as a reference resource, guide to QBP programs, and tool for profitability.

“It’s more than just a compilation of popular products from best-in-class brands,” said QBP product manager Tim Gallant. “For every edition we work to deliver relevant specs, compatibility information, exploded diagrams, and high-quality photography to help dealers better serve their customers.” In addition to the product support, QBP includes environmental tips, safety warnings and technical help, which “helps make our print catalog the industry standard.”

Additional features include the tab pages, which separate the catalog’s sections. This year, the tabs feature the departments of QBP. Catalog coordinator Kris Poston said it's a way to connect dealers more closely with QBP’s unseen staffers. “Dealers have regular interactions with the account executives and customer service agents, but the tabs show how each and every department contributes to the overall dealer experience," Poston said. Tab backsides highlight popular cycling disciplines.

Dealers will also notice the 2010 catalog is a little easier to heft than last year’s edition. “That’s because we chose a lighter paper stock,” Poston said. In fact, QBP shaved 20 percent off the total poundage. The lighter stock helps the environment by reducing the number of trees cut and trimming the shipping weight. "But the shop employees won’t get quite as good of a workout from lifting the catalog over and over this year," Poston said.

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