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Northeast Velodrome Now Open

Published April 4, 2010

LONDONBERRY, NH (BRAIN)—The Northeast Velodrome & Cycling Park is open for busines. The park includes a BMX track and cyclocross course.

In order to take track cycling to the magnitude it once was, The Palter Company, Inc., which also owns the Cycle Loft in Burlington, MA, will operate the Northeast Velodrome & Cycling Park in Londonderry, NH for the 2010 Cycling Season.

The goal of the Northeast Velodrome & Cycling Park is to enhance existent training and development programs, and to foster more competitive racing, from juniors and women, to masters and elites. Through more in-depth coaching and better events, the Northeast Velodrome & Cycling Park will provide safer yet more competitive competition.

For riders who have never tried track cycling, there is no better time than now. The Northeast Velodrome & Cycling Park will hold an intensive two-part USA Cycling "Try the Track: An Introduction to Track Cycling."

The Northeast Velodrome & Cycling Park will be offering this first annual clinic, which will provide a thorough course on Track Cycling, as well as on the bike coaching, all culminating in some basic racing.

The goal of the clinic is to provide consistent information and material used at many of the country's leading tracks to form an entry point for the budding track racer. The clinic is open to anyone, and one-day licenses will be available to anyone who is not a licensed USA Cycling rider. There will be 24 brand new track bikes available for demo. Sizes are limited, registration is required. Bikes will be reserved on a first come first served basis. The clinic will be divided into two parts. A classroom session on Friday the 30th of April, which will cover Track Bikes, Track Protocol and the Track racing surface itself.

The second part of the clinic on Saturday, May 1 will be an on-the-bike format where riders learn the nuances of the fixed gear bike, the subtleties of the track, riding in a group, and then racing. The clinic will be coached by USA Cycling Certified Coaches, Kurt Begemann and Jeff Palter, with a guest appearance by National Champion and Pro 6-Day rider, Kacey Manderfield.

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