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Specialized Opens New Czech Subsidiary

Published April 20, 2010

PRAGUE, Czech Republic (BRAIN)—Specialized recently formed a subsidiary in the Czech Republic and has opened two new concept stores in Prague.

Specialized Czech, located just outside Prague, employs 35 people who handle sales, marketing, SBCU, retail services and finance and run the warehouse.

Mike Sinyard, founder and president of Specialized, first traveled to the region in 1974 to research the Barum tire factory.

Ever since, he has respected the Czech people, culture and history, particularly for their determination and perseverance in overcoming years of adversity under communist rule.

“I have long wanted to build a deeper connection between our brand and the Czech people, so when we found the right partners, it was just a matter of putting the pieces together. We have been working with Zdenek Loffelmann, our managing director, and most of the existing team since 2008,” Sinyard said.

This spring Specialized Czech opened two new dealer-owned concept stores in Prague: Peksport and Cyklo 69. The shops are located at opposite ends of the city, and one in a building that was once home to the communist party.

Specialized has other dealers in Prague, but these are the first using the concept model. The Eastern European market is still very underdeveloped compared to Western Europe, making the stores even more unique, Sinyard said.

—Nicole Formosa

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