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Masi Asserting Rights for UK Distribution

Published April 25, 2010

VISTA, CA (BRAIN)—Masi Bicycles USA has retained counsel in the UK to assert its rights to the Masi name and plans to continue to pursue its distribution partnership with Monterey Industries in the UK.

This is in response to actions being taken by the Spanish Massi brand to keep Masi out of the UK.

“We’re confident in our rights, stemming from the Masi brand’s longstanding historical legacy going back more than 50 years," said Masi brand manager Tim Jackson.

“We’re going to assert our rights and support Monterey Industries, who we’re still very proud to be partnering with to bring Masi and Brev M to the UK market," said Pate Garski, VP of sales for Masi and Brev M.

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