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Business Donating to Flood Recovery

Published May 13, 2010

NASHVILLE, TN (BRAIN)—Mike Gardner’s local online bicycle distribution business was spared the flooding that caused destruction across Tennessee. Because he feels so fortunate, Gardner wants to give back. will be donating $25 of every Softride Dura 4 bike rack sold this month to local relief charities.

In addition to leveraging its established nation-wide business channel to raise some cash for local relief, Discounted Cycling has opened up its 60,000 square foot warehouse to the Nashville Red Cross to use as staging ground for dispensing clean water. Gardner said of his decision to give away profit from some of his Softride Rack sales, “It just makes sense, when your neighbors need help you look around for your tools. In this case our tools are warehouse space and great customers across the country.”

Ryan Allsop, co-president of Softride Inc, got the call from Discounted Cycling and said, “We see the news footage, but don’t know how our dealers in the flood areas are faring, we were glad to hear from Mike that they were out of harms way, and when he asked if he could move some of our closeout racks for us and raise some money for local restoration, we jumped at the chance to support his efforts."

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