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New Road Apparel Going for Classic Look

Published May 19, 2010

PALM BEACH GARDENS, FL (BRAIN)—Men and women looking for classically-styled road apparel now have a new company to choose from with Road Holland.

“In designing the Road Holland apparel, I want to meet the needs of people who ride but don’t race competitively, which really describes the overwhelming majority of us,” said Road Holland founder and president Jonathan Schneider (pictured), 39, who comes from a consumer research background and began riding back in 2005. “Whether you ride to get fit, to meet friends, or to go to work, Road Holland will deliver what you need in terms of performance, all while making you look smart and appropriate.”

For that person that Schneider describes as loving to ride but who doesn’t race, he realized the typical road bike jersey—“ad-emblazoned, polyester and ultra-tight”—wasn’t meant for them.

“With Road Holland, I want to give people a choice in how they can look and would hope that even non-riders would find the apparel appealing enough to buy,” said Schneider, whose company is based in Florida.

The Road Holland brand is launching its line with both short and long sleeve jerseys for men ($120) and women ($140). All Road Holland jerseys (39 percent wool/61 percent polyester) feature embroidered logo details, water resistant valuables pockets, signature printed inner-neck designs and reflective taping along back pocket edges.

Road Holland gets its name from a country that’s widely known to be cycling crazy and recalls the broader cycling legacy so many Americans associate with Europe in general. The brand is specifically designed to be visually distinctive, versatile and transitional.

Product will be sold online and to dealers through a network of distributors. Schneider said product will be available by late June.

—Jason Norman

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