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Trek Hires Frank Stacy

Published August 6, 2010

WATERLOO, WI (BRAIN)—Renowned independent tire consultant Frank Stacy has signed on as the latest member of the Bontrager Tire Development Team and its parent company Trek Bicycles, to design, test and develop tires exclusively for Bontrager-sponsored race teams and riders the world over.

As one of the leading tire developers across the entire spectrum of two-wheeled vehicles, Stacy brings not only his well-respected name and reputation but also an invaluable 30 years of research and development experience, according to a press release.

“Frank is one of the most respected tread designers in the entire industry. His engineering of compounds and understanding of testing is going to be pivotal to the future of Bontrager tires,” said Al Clark, Bontrager product manager.

While his initial focus will be working primarily on Bontrager’s mountain bike tire line, Stacy’s impact will soon be felt throughout the entire brand’s collection. In addition to working with the Bontrager Tire Development Team, Stacy will also collaborate with Trek’s Suspension Development Program based in Southern California and manned by suspension guru Jose Gonzalez.

“Tires are the fist means of suspension and are directly coupled to the suspension feel. Having Frank on-board allows us to go to the next level in mountain bike trail performance by better blending suspension and tire characteristics,” Gonzalez said.

“Trek is an amazing company that believes in tire development for their riders and race teams and becoming part of their vision is an awesome opportunity,” Stacy said.

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