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ABG Gains Preseason Momentum

Published December 15, 2010

CHATTANOOGA, TN (BRAIN)—Preseason orders for American Bicycle Group (ABG) brands Litespeed and Quintana Roo (QR) have increased a combined 21 percent over preseason orders in 2010.

The addition of new dealers, heightened visibility through extensive press coverage, and the return of previous, successful models have fueled both brand excitement and increased sales orders for 2011, according to a press release.

ABG recorded a 19 percent increase in dealers nationwide in 2010 by adding dealers in key triathlon markets around the country. "Showcasing our Illicito Project at Interbike gave us a chance to talk to a whole new crowd of dealers about our commitment to design creativity and also generated a tremendous amount of organic conversation about QR's development direction," said Peter Hurley, CEO. "We’ve also been able to use the recent data from Charlotte’s A2 Wind Tunnel to reinforce the aero advantage of the Litespeed
C-Series. It is a definite validation of our design team's effort. The consumer and dealer reaction to these bikes really underscores the momentum and enthusiasm we continue to see."

“The reception to the 2011 lineups for Quintana Roo and Litespeed has been both exciting and expected," said Mac McEneaney, North American sales manager for ABG. “We work hard throughout the year to make sure that our dealers are constantly giving us feedback on price, color, spec and trends. That has led to calls and emails from stores daily that are interested in carrying both of our brands. This activity is definitely an indication of our growth in the future. I fully expect the 2012 pre-season will take our brand to a new level.”

“There has never been a more exciting and challenging time to be designing and selling bikes,” Hurley said. “By working closely with our dealers and taking full advantage of advances in material and aerodynamic technologies, ABG is poised to meet the ever-demanding needs of its discriminating customers. Projects like Illicito might make us the center of attention at expos but bikes like the Kilo and M1 make the brands resonate with age-grouper athletes and our dealer base alike.”

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