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UC Pushing Bike Design Classes

Published January 27, 2011

CINCINNATI, OH (BRAIN)—Last fall students in the University of Cincinnati School Of Design’s Electric Assisted Bike class created a variety of e-bikes for the future. The class was to be a one-off offering, but the University is asking for more.

“UC just asked me to develop a proposal on diversifying their transportation program so it can get away from car focused gas guzzler creation and into alternative transportation,” said Bill Ropp, founder of Strategic Product Planning and an University of Cincinnati School of Design alumnus.

Ropp pushed the bike design course to Steven Doehler, assistant professor of Industrial Design at the University of Cincinnati who taught the e-bike design class. Doehler just finished a head protection/helmet design course where students designed standard bike helmets as well as other sport and medical helmets.

“The University is really pushing for proposals on more of these classes as well as other projects where we could even sell student ideas and bring in other corporate partners,” Ropp added.

“This is really exciting for me and gives me an opportunity in the twilight of my career to work with young developing talent as a mentor. I’m even including the students in my industry consultation projects,” he added.

A video snap shot of the e-bike design class at work during the semester is available by clicking on above link.

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