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Pedalr Brings Bike Culture to ECommerce

Published March 9, 2011

SAN FRANCISCO, CA (BRAIN)—Pedalr is a new Ecommerce website that brings both buyers and sellers of bicycles and cycling related products together in a safe and trusted venue.

Pedalr is actively engaged with the urban cycling community by integrating social media, sponsorship opportunities and local bike shop content into their business model. It is with these vital ingredients that allow Pedalr to develop a genuine voice in the cyber cycling world and have touch points with people who matter on street level, according to a press release.

Pedalr is the brainchild of Andrew Korf, stemming from his work and friendship with Gene Oberpriller, the founder of One on One Bicycle Studio and Joe Parkin, editor of Bike Magazine. Korf has worked intimately with the web development of One on One’s website.

"We realized there was a need in the marketplace for new cycling related brands to share and test products with a broader audience of bike minded people," Korf said. "Pedalr is a learning machine for sellers.

“Pedalr is based on a trust system, where buyers can get a sense of context of the seller which is missing on a larger mainstream peer to peer retail sites," Korf added.

Pedalr is a place for cyclists, bike shops and small to medium manufacturers to buy and sell any bike related product, new and used. Trust is the foundation, which is felt throughout the website by the representation of each seller’s profiles and direct links to their website. It is with this visibility that allows consumer-buying confidence, gives consumers relevant content and creates an atmosphere of safe commerce.

“Our hope is to continue to create a space on the web that is both local, national and international for people who love all things two wheeled to shop for, and sell new and used bikes and cycling related goods in a forum they can trust. Pedalr’s platform allows sellers to test product ideas in an existing passionate marketplace. Best of all, it’s free,” said Billy Sinkford, Pedalr’s director of operations. “I live and breath bikes, working on a project that will give back to the community is amazing.”

Click on above link to visit Pediar website.

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