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Bike Cooperative Launches National Promotion

Published April 6, 2011

MANCHESTER, NH (BRAIN)—The Bike Cooperative has launched its first national promotion website to support its second annual Great American Bike Sale.

The website, (click on above link), links together over 70 store locations across 23 states with 17 supporting brands. The promotion, running April 6 through May 22, will be supported locally by the participating retailers with direct mail and email to an estimated 400,000 customers. In addition, the event will be promoted nationally with banner ads on, and that will drive traffic to the Great American Bike Sale website.

The event started modestly in its first year, with 35 stores participating and no website. “The Great American Bike Sale has made huge strides in year two,” said Tim Leaver, the co-op’s director of marketing. “With a substantial increase in the number of members and suppliers getting involved, it has allowed us to do more to promote this year’s event, with both retailers and brands now receiving national exposure. Our combined scale also gives dealers additional benefits to maximize the success of their local Great American Bike Sale events, such as free emails to their customers and a special low rate on our 12 month financing offer.”

Managing director Greg Brodsky added, “We’re excited about how this event has taken shape in just its second year. If we can continue to increase the involvement from our retailers and suppliers, there is no limit to how far we can take it. In our minds we’re just getting started.”

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