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Imports of Kids’ Bike Slow into Australia

Published June 13, 2011

MELBOURNE, Australia (BRAIN)—Imports of children’s bikes continued to slump in Australia in April, dropping to 50,000 during the months of January to April compared with 80,000 for the same time period in 2010, according to statistics released by the nonprofit Bicycle Industries Australia.

Adults bikes remained constant with more than 140,000 imported during those months.

In April, imports of kids’ bikes dropped to 10,453 from 16,072 during the same month last year; and adult bikes dipped slightly from 28,323 in 2010 to 27,611 in April 2011. Adult imports made up 72.5 percent of all imports in April, a change from 2010 when kids bikes ate up nearly 10 percent more of the overall pie.

Total imports for April fell from 44,395 in 2010 to 38,064 for the same month this year.

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