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Joni Taylor Joins Texmarket USA

Published June 14, 2011

HOBOKEN, NJ (BRAIN)—Joni Taylor has joined Texmarket USA, a private label manufacturer of custom cycling clothing, as its national sales manager. She will help introduce the Italian brand to the U.S. market.

Taylor left the "High-Tech/Dot Com world of Silicon Graphics in the heart of the Silicon Valley after spending three years working in Europe where she was introduced to cycling as a way of life. She decided to follow her heart and find a way to incorporate cycling into a career. Her main passion is bicycle touring and has traveled for months on end across the USA/Canada, South America, Eastern & Western Europe. She began a career in cycling in the ’90s, working for the Bikestation in Palo Alto, California and Palo Alto Bicycles where she met her now husband, ex-professional domestic road racer Mike Taylor. Together they traveled the world racing bikes and she supported and worked on his team, as well as toured together in different countries.

In 2005, they left the Bay Area to live in Mike's hometown in Minnesota, before moving again to Boston to work as a team inside Seven Cycles. But her love of riding on the West Coast and also living closer to her family brought her back to Reno, Nevada where she worked as the national sales manager/Campagnolo Sportswear brand manager for Sinclair Imports from 2007 to 2011.

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