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Cane Creek Expands Headset Database

Published August 22, 2011

FLETCHER, NC (BRAIN)—With the vast variety of styles, sizes and shapes of headtubes being produced by frame manufacturers, it can be incredibly difficult for cyclists to determine what size and style headset they need.

Cane Creek set out to simplify this process with an easy-to-use headset database called the Fit Finder at (click on link). The database lets users quickly identify headset requirements by choosing make, model and year information of their bike.

When the Fit Finder went live in 2010, there were more than 1,000 bikes dating back from 1995 to search for. Since then, Cane Creek has expanded the database and now the Fit Finder contains more than 6,400 different frames.

“The Fit Finder database’s growth happened simply because we wanted to create something worthwhile and useful,” said Nick Gilbert, Cane Creek’s engineering information controller. “Cycling should be fun, and stressing out over bike specs, trying to figure out what part will fit your frame can be tedious. The more bikes that are in the Fit Finder, the more people can quickly figure out what they need to know and get back to riding.”

The exponential growth of Fit Finder has made it a dependable tool for cycling dealers. Aaron Baltins, manager of the Slippery Pig Bike Shop in Phoenix, said he uses Fit Finder in his shop on a regular basis when researching headsets.

“All the information is compiled into an easy format, with all the different nomenclature that is out there in the world of headsets, Cane Creek’s development of the S.H.I.S
(Standardized Headset Identification System) and the Fit Finder thread the needle, making purchasing the correct headset easy.”

Even if a bicycle isn’t listed in the database, users can follow a step-by-step I.D. wizard that generates fit results based on frame and fork configuration. Visit Cane Creek’s Headset Fit Finder online at or

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